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(November 2013) Dj Surfer pres. Killswitch 32,Guest Mix:Dan Thompson (Listen Again On Demand)


December 2013

Listen Again// On Demand… Dj Surfer pres. Killswitch 31 (Filthy Tech Halloween Special) , Guest Mix; Jase Thirwall










To find out more info on DJ Surfer pres. Killswitch Radio Show

Listen Again on Demand// Dj Surfer pres. Killswitch 30, Guest Mix: Ferry Tayle



KS 30 2

In September 2013 we celebrated 30 episodes of Killswitch Radio show with a massive show featuring,

Plenty of peek time Uplifting/Tech Trance & Progressive Belters,from the likes of,

Sniejder,Davey Asprey,Robbie Van Doe,Will Atkinson,Allen & Envy,Adam Ellis plus loads more..

also  included as part of show an exclusive guest mix from Ferry Tayle.




Future Episode Page  Title

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Dj Surfer pres. Killswitch 29, Guest Mix: Chaim Mankoff Listen Again on Demand//








KS 29

Tunes/Remixes from the likes of Gareth Weston,Chris Cockerill,Robbie Van Döe,Darragh Burke plus loads more…

Including news of massive event ,next month to celebrate 30 episodes of the show.





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Dj Surfer,March 2013 Chart in association with


TID Chart March 2013

(Listen Again On Demand) Dj Surfer pres. Killswitch 24, Guest Mix: Rhys Thomas


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Listen Again On Demand// Dj Surfer pres. Killswitch 23 (2nd Birthday Special) Guest Mix: Judge Jules







For more info on future //listen again any episodes of the show check out:



Radio Guest Mixes//End Of 2012 Events //Update// (Set Times)





Catch Dj Surfer playing for this special event of G.R.O.T alongside Photographer (Yuri Sena),Manuel Le Saux plus loads more..

Broadcasting across India,Asia and worldwide via:

29th December 2012, Set Time: 7:00am (EST) 12 Mid-day (GMT//UK Time)



 For more info on G.R.O.T:


Catch Dj Surfer bringing in 2013 with a special episode of Killswitch with an exclusive guest mix from Manuel Le Saux, which airs: 

31.12.12: 11pm – 3am (GMT)

Facebook Events page for more info on the episode:

as part of 1World Trance New Year Countdown 2013

More info on New Year Countdown 2013 event: // Full list of Set Times// including from sets from Dj Surfer, Manuel Le Saux,Ferry Corsten,Arctic Moon, Menno De Jong plus loads more.:



Dj Surfer make his return to the annual Infected vs Tranzition Trance, marathon 24  Hour New Years Event (Now extended to 36 Hours!)

New Years Day 2013…


//Set Time – 6-7pm//


For full line up/more details of the event head to facebook events page at:



“Thankyou for another massive year in 2012! Here’s to a even bigger 2013!


Catch you on dancefloor/broadcasting over the airwaves!


Crank It Up!”


Dj Surfer… 







Radio Guest Mixes//End Of 2012 Events


Catch Dj Surfer playing of this special event alongside Photographer (Yuri Sena),Manuel Le Saux plus loads more..

Broadcasting across India,Asia and worldwide via:

29th December 2012, Set Time: 7:00am (EST) 12 Mid-day (GMT//UK Time)

For more info about this event head to Global Realm Of Trance Facebook at:

Starting 26th December 2012, through to 2nd January 2013, the first of many massive trance events on the station…

Featuring some the biggest names/up and coming in dj/producers in Trance including Dj Surfer, Manuel Le Saux,Orjan Nilsen,Menno De Jong.. plus loads more..

For a 7 day Marathon broadcast to bring in 2013 with a bang,.

Set times To be announced and will feature in a future post…. 

Full more info on event head to Facebook Page:

Dj Surfer returns to Bath,Uk, New Years Day 2013, to play the annual “Infected Vs Tranzition Trance” New Years 24 hour Event at the Green Park Tavern.


Directions// How to get to: Green Park Tarvern.


For more info about event/line up checkout Facebook events pages:


If you missed the show or fancy listening again…

Remember you can listen to last Killswitch show of 2012…

























Dj Surfer: AH.FM, EOYC Contest 2012


Dj Surfer has entered the, Afterhours.FM, EOYC Contest 2012, for a chance to be to play for the worlds biggest New Year Countdown event, hosted annually.

If you like the mix, please vote for entry: 66# DJ Surfer:

Voting starts: 21st November 2012// Closes: 1st December 2012

Hope you enjoy the mix!

Thanks for your support!
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