There is something new on the horizon…

Introducing a brand new online radio station.

A place where DJ’s and Producers can interact with listeners and share their passion for Electronic Dance Music. We proudly present to you…

The Official Site Launch of EDM Wales.FM – The best in Electronic Dance Music.

Starting on October the 14th 2011 @ 18:00 PM GMT – Non-Stop 48 Hours of the finest Electronic Dance Music.



EDM Wales.FM is a completely FREE and non-profit online radio station. We aim to broadcast the best in Electronic Dance Music from the very best DJ’s in the EDM industry. We are committed to maintaining our position as a completely non-profit organisation. We are confident that as we grow as a community, some of our listeners will help support EDM Wales.FM by donating. In return this will keep EDM Wales.FM completely AD free and non-profitable. EDM Wales.FM is about connecting DJ talent and their listeners together and uniting as one with Electronic Dance Music.

Our definition of Electronic Dance Music:
At current we have DJ’s who play the best in Techno, Trance, Hard Style and Progressive. We will play other forms of EDM but our focus is set on keeping these four styles of EDM at the heart of EDM Wales.FM.

Our current Mission:
EDM Wales.FM is focused on creating a central Forum driven based community for DJ’s, Producers and Listeners across South and West Wales and giving them the best opportunity to share and interact with the best in Electronic Dance Music. Our long term goal is to establish ourselves as one of the leading online radio stations in the UK and eventually globally.

From myself and all staff @ EDM Wales.FM we thank you for your early support – especially DJ’s from across West Wales. You know who you are.

Staff @ EDM Wales.FM:

Mathew John (Founder)
Dj Surfer(Promoter)
Dan Jones (Promoter)
Craig Davies (Promoter)
Martyn Davies (Promoter)
Jez Stretch (Infrastructure)

Thanks for your support.